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Sitting on a Hot Stove

A man sitting on a hot stove will jump off with or without anyone’s consent.   This is the nature of sitting on a hot stove. A week ago I got a call from a few gentlemen running a small civil engineering business asking for help.  The recent heavy rains have ruined a road that’s ...

2 mins

Story :: Lessons from Julius Malema on Dealing with Difficulty

The rise [again] of Julius Malema reminds me of a short story told by a monk about a donkey that fell in a well;  it goes something like this (note that I’ve re-adapted it as a metaphor): Once upon a time there was a donkey taking a stroll in an open forest.  The donkey wasn’t very ...

6 mins

A Great Seduction – The Game of Games (Part 3 of 3)

“What is inside there?” I asked my 6 years old son, gently knocking on his head. “How do you know?” He rolled his eyes up until his pupils disappeared and only the white showed.  “Can you do that?” He asked me. “No.”  I responded. “Oh well.  Then you’ll never see there’s a brain in there!” ...

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A Great Seduction – Time (part 2)

In the previous installment I proposed that we are seduced into believing that we can become more than what we already are when in fact we are already everything we can possibly be. ** As boys we are told, at some point, that we are now (or will be) men as though manhood is somewhere ...

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A Great Seduction (part 1)

We are seduced into believing that we can become more than what we already are. What do you want to be when you grow up? At some point I remember wanting to be a doctor. I also remember wanting to be a lawyer. Well, I know now that all I really wanted was to answer ...

2 mins

Donald Trump: The Art of Perception

Donald Trump is the master of assembling complicated property deals.  Having read through his fascinating book, the art of the deal, I ran across a very important paragraph that talks to a critical principle about business –  PERCEPTION. When Donald Trump was assembling his first Casino-Hotel project, he got an amazing offer from Holiday Inns. ...

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Steve Jobs: The Customer Experience Is Everything

Part 6 in the series Inspirational People. Steven Jobs is definitely one of my heroes, not only because he pioneered the personal computer industry, reinvented the music and phone industry, but mainly because of his obsession with pushing the frontiers of customer experience. Most companies and indeed entrepreneurs can barely satisfy their customers.  Many more are ...

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Colonel Harland Sanders: The Best Time is Now

Part 5 in the series makers of today: My elder told me that I was lucky because I was still young enough to pursue my dreams and that he was troubled by the amount of time he had wasted chasing nothing. “I have nothing to show for my years of hard work,” he somberly related to me.

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